May 28, 2010

Point of View

There is no sound on this which is a shame because it’s tap piece but at the same time I kind of prefer it in the silence. I ‘spose this was my ‘I am disabled and don’t fit your stupid ballerina body type dance, but don’t tell me I can’t dance, dance.’. It was also my lesbian short haircut era, the roots were fire engine red and the tips bleached blonde… but before you speculate about my sexuality… my hair has never been a barometer by which you can measured it.

I think every disabled performer/dancer has a sort of ‘coming out’ moment in their performance career, this was mine. Coming out as a person with a disability not a sexuality outing… although politically there is some really interesting overlap in queer studies and disability studies, but I won’t go into that here. Incidently, it’s the social model of disability I identify with most, but I don’t strictly prescribe to a definitive political discourse.

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