“Rape as a war tactic!” my character Beaty recounts in Peeling in her best RSC voice ever! Women of Troy, a framework to explore the suffering of women throughout history, just one small element of the play within a play… as our own characters battle to understand the body politics of their own socialisation and conditioning as broken, bent damaged goods, in a modern western society… but…

Today those poncey lines threw themselves up in my mind as I read the Channel 4 article below…


The suffering of the women of Troy is as relevant today as it was when it was first written. In fact it is happening right now in Libya and continues to this very minute in other countries and places in conflict… This gross brutality and horrifying war crime, the suffering, lawlessness and victimisation. A battle played out on a canvas of female bodies; scouring, scarring and ripping their flesh and marking hearts with its red bloody rage and vileness! Ageless, faceless victims, stomped on and impregnated by an enemy, if not killed and tortured, torn to shreds.

Although, I love ‘Peeling’ and think it is one of the most deserving scripts I have ever had the privilege of bringing to life, it saddens me that our play is still relevant today. No, not just relevant really really bloody pertinent! It sickens me.

The human race bitterly disappoints me at times and I would like everyone to read about this women (Eman al-Obeidi) who broke into a hotel room, where the international reporters are being held and bravely shouted her story before being ambushed and made to disappear.

Yet in an age of new media and the internet, the dishonest words of ‘the official speaker’ are still all we have to go on! And no one but bastards know where she is and a false “Schtum” is enforced on everyone! So don’t bury your heads and only swallow the “pretty stories, the lies”, arm yourself with knowledge and start talking!

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