Arrrg! I can’t believe it has happened again… I thought it would never happen again, after that disaster of a film “Tiptoes” – ask me my opinion about that one another time.

They (Hollywood) have gone and computer generated more ‘dwarfs’ rather than actually employed 7 ‘real’ ones…

Snow White and the Huntsman. Ooh, I would have liked to have seen this film but now I am faced with a dilemma… Ok, so they employed some behind the scenes actors with dwarfism. But who have they put in front of the camera?! Computer generated shrunk famous actors… that’s who!

I get really offended with tall actors being computer generated to be short actors. I think it’s terrible and I will feel this way until someone offers me a gig where I film an entire movie as a tall woman. And she’d better be the bloody lead and get to wear all the cool dresses!

That’s the only thing that’ll make me eat these following words…

Interesting they specifically use achondroplasia as the bodytype for the fairytale dwarfs. Somehow that seems mocking to me, maybe because it is the most common type of medically dwarfing condition and is real.

If they were going to invent a few new dwarfs, they should have invented a new dwarfing condition, one that doesn’t exist, then I wouldn’t have been so offended. Because they could have said ‘we wanted a mythical type of imaginary dwarf’. Instead they’ve recreated the most common type of dwarfism – there are over 200 dwarfing conditions, I got one of the rare ones ;) . Just mentioned that to feel special.

Our low expectations, in the little people (LP) community, seem to be keeping us oppressed, excuse the pun. No, actually, don’t excuse it! You should chastise me for it being so predictable! Don’t be complacent, when I let a little comment like that slip. Those LP actors should have been stars not the molds upon which the stars based their movements.

You see, the power lies in our society, on whether you are allowed into the light or not. Beautiful people are always allowed into the light, unless they say things which annoy the establishment. But on the whole they are often photographed, filmed and asked for their opinion.

By light I mean camera and stage, where you can you be seen. The dwarf actors, it was obviously assumed, were not famous enough or good enough to take lead roles

This goes for most disabilities in film really, more actors with disabilities to play disabled roles please, with a chance of their acting talent being recognised. Also playing a disabled or disfigured character is a sure-fire way to get an Oscar. Even Ricky Gervais observed this phenomenon.

Why shouldn’t an actor with dwarfism expect to play a character with dwarfism? Why is it ok, for a non-disabled actor to play a disabled character when disabled people haven’t even been considered to audition?

Why do we/you assume a white, non-disabled, middle-class person is the only one who can play a ‘dwarf’ in a film. Don’t dwarfs have the emotional range? Hard to believe given Peter Dinklage has just won an Emmy for his outstanding work in Game of Thrones, which btw I think is superb in regards to its disability politics and portrayal of issues throughout the fantasy series… but I have gone off topic. I find it mocking and insulting, that these roles were not cast (in front of the camera) by actors with dwarfism.

In summary I am annoyed that;
a) the film did not allow them to play the real characters
b) did not develop any talent, thereby keeping dwarfs oppressed with the tag ‘you aren’t famous enough…’
c) have made the assumption audiences would not respond to a ‘real’ dwarf playing a dwarf… so computer generated ‘dwarfs’ at great expense from famous actors.
d) that ‘tall’ actors will receive accolades for so brilliantly playing a dwarf so convincingly… hence people assuming that playing a ‘dwarf’ is possible… NB: I play a dwarf everyday of my life… hmph… that’s not the hard bit! The dwarf bit isn’t the acting!

My rant concludes here…

PS Bravo to Mirror Mirror (a rival Hollwood production also based on Snow White) for at least employing living breathing people with dwarfism for a role in front of the camera…

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  1. Hey Kiruna,

    Excellent wee read there, and I totally understand and agree with your sentiments.

    PS. Any chance of getting me a role in LTS:2?

  2. I totally agree! Disability politics aside, I feel ripped off as a movie goer when they play around with this kind of unnecessary computer generated nonsense.

    Especially when Peter Dinklage is being so intensely badass in Game of Thrones. (Seriously, I don’t think there is a more loved character in the nerd community than Tyrion Lannister right now.)

  3. Thank you SO much for writing this, Kiruna. Not so much a rant as a breath of fresh air. :))

  4. Once again my friend, well said :)
    The same can be said for the show “Glee”, where they casted an able bodied person to play the role of Arty who is in a wheelchair.

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  6. Kiruna … I have always admired you ever since I saw you in ‘All Things Small’ ! I fully appreciate your views in the article you have written. On the other foot though my business card sits on the desk of the casting director of Holby City and Casualty to remind him to remind the script / story writers to include a part for a short statured actor / actress as a Consultant / doctor !! Everytime I see him at parties I remind him and he assures me that my card is still on his desk. I’m afraid I was one of the angry mob who were very against Ricky Gervais and Life’s Too Short … BUT I did appreciate the scenes that you and Warwick were in together especially the restaurant scene… the table cloth debacle !!! I like you am a person of short stature with Achondroplasia and have lead a very positive outgoing life.


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