To read the kinda crap published in the media that used to make me think I would NEVER find love and now be engaged and having a wonderful and healthy sex life couldn’t make me feel more enlightened and emancipated from the drudgery and tediousness of discrimination that exists in our society.

I grew up genuinely thinking I would be without love or a boyfriend because I’d see this kind of sensationalist crap below and feel so thoroughly ‘othered’ that when I was 15 and a male friend my own age tried to kiss me for the first time ever at a party I lectured him on how ‘he wasn’t allowed too’ and I genuinely thought that was the case… I hadn’t had my sexual revolution yet or read the social model of disability yet. I just thought it was an undisputed fact that anyone who loved me must be deviant and weird because of this sort of bollocks in the press.

When you live in a world where representations of difference are so few and far between, what you read in the media becomes very important. And because you aren’t seeing it being normalised anywhere on telly or print your social isolation is compounded. It isn’t like I had met at that stage either any Little People (LP’s) who were married or in happy relationships and both my parents were of average height. So I had to go on the little I had to read or could see in films.

So I despise the small minded sensationalism that allows the below to make it to print…

So click the link below and don’t worry you won’t be upping their counts… because a little bird told me that if you sub http/ with httpx/ the traffic isn’t sourced from your own domain.

Oh and on one positive note, maybe this sparks conversation and social awakening to these shitty issues… even if the article isn’t self-aware enough to realise it.


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  1. They publish this shit and then have the hide to say ‘Life’s Too Short’ is about ridiculing and exploiting dwarves!

    • What a horrible article! Her arguement reminds me of so many circumstances where a person from a more dominant class ‘engages’ with someone from a marginalized class and comes up with an excuse that it was a mistake, such as in same sex exploration or with interracial dating. My only issue with the series actor was that he didn’t select a better quality woman to take home that night. Shame on the Sun!

  2. Briiliant piece. The usual ‘quality’ from The Sun; I am really not surpised. However it amazes me how any person with a brain cell (or even half) can expect to get relivant, important, need to know, news from that paper.

  3. Great piece and I have very similar experiences. I think it’s a real chicken and egg situation with the tabloids. Part of me is cross with the guy for talking to them and almost thinking that all publicity is good – not understanding that these articles are what massively tips the scales to the negative portrayal of people like us in the media and it’s always hard to counter balance. However it would also be great to get to a point where the tabloid editor doesn’t believe that stories like this are news worthy or editorially worth print space :)


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