I am currently filming with the wonderful Giuseppe Tornatore. I think I can say that much because you can freely google that much online, but that is all I can say.

I could gush about all the reasons why I could potentially become over excited about this project but I won’t… as it is unbecoming… But the Legend of 1900 is a lovely movie… so check that one out.

But what I can talk about, is how great it is that I am in this movie and not being played by a tall actor on their knees, with computer generated graphics shrinking them to my height and giving them short arms and legs.

Snow White and Huntsman has just come out in the UK and people are singing its praises… It’s on the news and being heavily reviewed and I am sure it’s probably a great film but WHY OH WHY have they not cast – real little people actors in the roles of the 7 dwarfs? It drives me nuts! I don’t think they even auditioned any.

If they started replacing Black actors, or other ethnic groups this way, we’d think the human race had retrograded 50 years and cries of discrimination would ring out.

Ok read full rant from earlier on this issue…


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  1. Oh how naive of me to flippantly suggest blacking up would not be tolerated or practiced. I am so wrong in assumption that we’ve moved on. Yes my gripe about CGI’ing people with restricted growth is bad, very bad and discriminatory! But apparently we’re still using ‘black faces’ and ‘yellow faces’… WTF!




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