Kaite O’Reilly won the Ted Hughes last night for her work as a writer and ‘Peeling’ is just one in a long list of plays she has written which is ‘good value’… to use some Aussie slang. In fact it’s an awesome work, which was developed in conjunction with Graeae Theatre Company back in 2002 […]

I am really enjoying the process of Peeling. We’ve come to the end of the first week of rehearsals and I am taking a moment to reflect on the work so far. I’ll write a little more about this later, when I have a moment. In the meantime… Read a note from the writer about […]

Channel 4 have made a reality TV show following 7 people with dwarfism living in a house together, while they make Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs… Arrrg… I have grave concerns because it’s me,  my sisters and others with the restricted growth, who are already harrassed and ridiculed by rude members of the public, […]

Today I began first day of rehearsals with Forest Forge Theatre Company in Ringwood. We did the classic thing, everyone does on first days and that’s the dreaded play reading… Let me just say there is nothing to dread when working with such fine people! I know this production is going to be a cracking […]

It’s funny working in Scandinavia, there’s something very grass-roots about the theatre here. People all chip in to make it work. A couple of actors cooked for everyone opening night, another actor makes the set and props, another sells the tickets, I do the laundry because I am the only one around when the washing […]

This brought me great joy… It was a little experiment. A Director I was working with a the time (Richard Gregory) gave me some homework before we worked together… and this is what I made.

A song I wrote and performed at my best friend’s wedding…