It’s nearly time to fly to Australia for the Adelaide Fringe Festival. I am getting very excited and nervous. Gareth Berliner is performing ‘An Inch of Integrity’ and he talks about me a fair bit in it… eeek… no it’s ok… I’ve approved his material. I, on the other hand have been getting my act […]

So here I am leaving it all to the last minute… but my show’s debut in Adelaide… is getting ever closer…

I feel compelled to write a blog about tomorrow night. My character, Amy will be making her appearance in Life’s Too Short and I am really excited. Not only because I proud to be part of Life’s Too Short (LTS) but because I am curious to see the response. As someone with dwarfism (LP)  and […]

Birmingham Mail Review (click here)

This is the Cast of the The Lost Happy Endings, currently on at the MAC. I can’t show you my Witch pics because that would spoil the surprise. Go to: if you would like to book tickets. Signing is fully integrated into the show, so accessible to deaf audiences. The show is on at […]

I began writing a reply to a comment to my earlier blog post, ‘Why are Dwarfs Funny?’ where I highlighted my concerns about the rumoured Channel 4 show, ‘Seven Dwarves’, a fly on the wall doco about 7 Little People (LPs) working in Panto. Last night I watched the show and to my utter suprise… […]

I do hope it is being as well received in Australia… Rock on Cast Offs and thank you to such dedicated fans as who post the following sites online! x