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This is the Cast of the The Lost Happy Endings, currently on at the MAC. I can’t show you my Witch pics because that would spoil the surprise. Go to: if you would like to book tickets. Signing is fully integrated into the show, so accessible to deaf audiences. The show is on at […]

I began writing a reply to a comment to my earlier blog post, ‘Why are Dwarfs Funny?’ where I highlighted my concerns about the rumoured Channel 4 show, ‘Seven Dwarves’, a fly on the wall doco about 7 Little People (LPs) working in Panto. Last night I watched the show and to my utter suprise… […]

I do hope it is being as well received in Australia… Rock on Cast Offs and thank you to such dedicated fans as who post the following sites online! x

I am stoked! Cast Offs is going to air this Monday night in AUSTRALIA! My country! I love love love love love this news and I am really proud of this production! Read more see link below…

I have been down in London doing a bit of stand-up, a few auditions and also about to read the script for Life’s Too Short, written by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. But that’s not what this post is about… While staying in London, I’ve been put up by the lovely Margo Cargill, an incredibly […]

Hanging out in Ringwood drinking coffee in Tansys and lazying about in the glorious sun – which has finally made an appearance – whilst performing in incredibly intimate settings and village halls… is a pure joy!   We’ve been receiving rave reviews in the press, special mention in the Guardian and the overwhelmingly positive testaments […]

“Rape as a war tactic!” my character Beaty recounts in Peeling in her best RSC voice ever! Women of Troy, a framework to explore the suffering of women throughout history, just one small element of the play within a play… as our own characters battle to understand the body politics of their own socialisation and […]

Kaite O’Reilly won the Ted Hughes last night for her work as a writer and ‘Peeling’ is just one in a long list of plays she has written which is ‘good value’… to use some Aussie slang. In fact it’s an awesome work, which was developed in conjunction with Graeae Theatre Company back in 2002 […]